Hello, furfriend!

My name is Haku. In Japanese characters “Haku” has several meanings. One of them is “spring” the season when my human adopted me.

Here’s my story…

I was born around in 2019 but I can’t be sure of the exact date. I used to live in the deep countryside but I was never adopted.

After these two first years I traveled to Barcelona to try my luck. I had to spend my first few days in a not-so-big cage, but I waited patiently. After my third day in the city, my human found me. If you know me you know I try to make furfriends with everybody so it was an easy decision. I don’t purr very hard but I love face scratches and don’t get me started on chin rubs. So, my human decided to take me home.

I wasn’t afraid, I got there and started exploring right away. No time to waste! A new place is not easy to get used to, I found a bed a hid underneath for the first few hours. Turns out you’re not supposed to stay under the bed but on top of it! Who would’ve thought?

My human tempted me with some face rubs so I decided to come out of under the bed. I spent my first night snuggled next to my human, it had been a while since I slept like this.

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✉️ Contact

You can reach out to my human here: torres.rick@gmail.com

Have a great day!